Man discovers he had a «Pokemon treasure» for 20 years

Nigel Brookes is a 34-year-old Brit who has just discovered a Pokémon treasure stored in his home. How is this possible? Apparently he would have in his possession a card game from the most popular anime of the 2000 kept with him.

As mentioned to the local press, Brookes would have in his possession 103 letters from the emblematic Japanese series that he obtained thanks to his younger brother, Jeremy. His mother, seeing that her youngest son could not take good care of them, took them off to give them to her older brother. The event would have taken place after a kind of scam in which the then-little Jeremy fell.

«What these children had done was tell Jeremy that they had a ‘better letter’ and they exchanged it for his, which was very rare,» he told the media in his country.

After retrieving her brother’s special letter, Nigel’s mother decided to give them to him for his birthday and to take care of them. By then, Nigel said he was disappointed, as this would be the only gift he received that year. «I wasn’t really that interested in Pokémon,» Brookes said.

Now, the cards have another interest, since their value is currently around 25,000 and 35,000 pounds (US$44 796.22), according to experts. And while she doesn’t want to part with the cards because of the inevitable emotional attachment, Brookes says it’s best because its value could improve your children’s quality of life and studies. These cards correspond to the first edition, have their own album and are in very good condition. The cards will be up for auction soon.

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