Keiko Fujimori on suspension of Fuerza Popular: It is unpublished and undemocratic

As a result of the request made by the prosecutor of the Nation, José Domingo Pérez, the former presidential candidate, Keiko Fujimori demonstrated through social networks to indicate his disagreement with the claims of the member of the Special Team Lava Jato, since he considered that said request (to suspend Fuerza Popular for two and a half years) is an unprecedented and undemocratic act.

Through her official Twitter account, the FP leader pointed out that next year’s elections (2021) must be carried out ‘normally, without arbitrary exclusions or disproportionate requests’ against political parties. ‘That a prosecutor intends to disable Fuerza Popular with an ongoing electoral process is an unprecedented and undemocratic act. It is essential that the elections take place normally, without arbitrary exclusions or disproportionate requests against the political parties, ’said Fujimori Higuchi.

He also added: ‘No one can prevent the population from exercising their right to choose and decide who should guide the destinies of our country. If someone believes that with these types of maneuvers they are going to distract us and lead us on the path of political war, they are wrong, ’he said yesterday afternoon.

It should be remembered that the response by Domingo Pérez originates from the investigations that have been carried out since 2019, when Judge Víctor Zúñiga included as a legal person the political group linked to the alleged crimes of money laundering in the form of criminal organization. .

In this sense, it is presumed that the alleged accusations of the prosecution center on the fact that the FP party would have been maintaining ties with the Brazilian construction company so that in exchange it would receive an amount greater than a million dollars, in exchange, the group could having come to benefit the transnational with the execution of works, from the legislative, and another series of irregular benefits.

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