Pedro Chávarry suspended

The National Board of Justice decided to suspend the Supreme Prosecutor Pedro Chávarry for six months, this in the investigations that are being carried out in the case of ‘Los Cuellos Blancos del Puerto’, the theft of documents from the sealed offices of the MP (Public Ministry) and others.

A report from the newspaper El Comercio indicates that the supreme prosecutor Pedro Chávarry, will no longer be able to exercise functions and will be left out of the National Board of Supreme Prosecutors¸, the administrative body that is the highest body of the Public Ministry.

It should be remembered that Pedro Chávarry appeared on July 14 before the plenary session of the National Jury of Elections to carry out his defense due to the suspension proposal raised by the investigating member who takes the process against the Supreme Prosecutor. Said proposal (suspension) would have been made with the objective that the prosecutor in investigations does not hinder the process.

Another of the charges that would promote said investigation is based on the elements that indicate that Chávarry had violated the Fiscal Career Law, and in this way would have generated discredit on the institutional image of the Public Ministry. Another of the elements against him are the audios of the conversations that he has with the former Supreme Judge Cesar Hinostroza, who is also investigated for his alleged links with Los Cuellos Blancos and others (conversations to ensure his election as Prosecutor of the Nation).

Before the accusations presented, Pedro C. denied before the JNJ having links or knowing the members of the criminal organization, and stressed that if he knows Hinostroza; but it was he who used his name, ‘Former Supreme Judge César Hinostroza, uses my name before Antonio Camayo whom I did not know; Even in the transcription of the audio, the surprise of the person being investigated is understood, who tells Hinostroza who he is because he did not know me. ‘

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