Pretrial detention hearing against Nadine Heredia rescheduled

Today (July 23) the Judicial Power rescheduled for Thursday, July 30, the hearing to evaluate the request for a 36-month preventive detention for the former first lady, this for the case of the Gaseoducto Sur. Recall that the request of the MP (Public Ministry) includes Luis Miguel Castilla, former Minister of Economy and Eleodoro Mayorga, former Minister of Energy and Mines.

The decision was made by the judge in charge, Juan Carlos Sánchez Balbuena, in which according to RPP sources it would have been carried out to give a period of greater search for consistent elements for both parties. This to evaluate the request of the prosecutor Geovana Mori, member of the Lava Jato Special Team.

It should be remembered that despite the fact that the construction company has not affirmed the alleged payment of bribes to officials of the energy project portfolio, for the Prosecutor’s Office, both Nadine Heredia and the former Minister of Economy and Energy and Mines would have committed the alleged crimes of association unlawful to commit a crime and aggravated collusion.

In this sense, the Special Team Laja Jato considers that the former first lady was a civil servant who would have been the intermediary of the acts of the Executive and of the investments to favor the signature of the transnational company, this in the government of the former president. Ollanta Humala Tasso (2011-2016).

To this is added the investigation of the Sunday Fourth Power, which carried out a series of searches in which the constant meetings of the holders of Economy and Mining of that time with the former first lady came to light, this in order to address the project related issues. Given these accusations, previously the defense of Nadine Heredia denied the allegations; but testimonies from other sources indicate their participation with technicians from ProInversión and the Energy Security Committee in charge of the contest.

Meanwhile, the former ministers (Luis Miguel Castilla and Eleodoro Mayorga) are singled out as the top officials who facilitated the selection processes so that the Brazilian transnational company could take part in a series of irregular events.

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