Arequipa: Coronavirus patients waiting in their cars and tents transferred to temporary hospital

Covid-19 patients that were waiting outside the Honorio Delgado hospital were transferred to the temporary hospital that was installed by the National Health Investment Program (Pronis) of the Ministry of Health. Peruvian Army personnel assisted the sick in their relocation and assisted them by providing them with oxygen balloons for those who had breathing problems.

Under the supervision of Richard Hernández, director of the Honorio Delgado hospital, and General EP Edward Gratelly, president of the Covid-19 Operational Command, the transfer was carried out safely and efficiently.

Director Richard Hernández pointed out that in the emergency area of ​​the temporary hospital a triage will be carried out for new patients with coronavirus. Likewise, the doctors asked the authorities of the National Police to close the auxiliary routes on Alcides Carrión Avenue to reduce pollution in the area.

On the other hand, the Social Health Insurance (EsSalud) was in charge of transferring COVID patients from the regional hospital Honorio Delgado to establishments with better care in Arequipa. Fiorella Molinelli, executive president of Social Security, indicated that the patients would be taken to the Hospital for Reconstruction with Changes installed in the town of Cerro Juli.

(ANDINA / Diffusion)

«Yesterday we installed the modules supplying medications, PPE, kits against the coronavirus and the medical and healthcare personnel, which we have brought from Lima, to receive patients from the Arequipa regional hospital,» he declared.

In addition, she reported on the construction of the Lima-Arequipa air bridge, where oxygen balloons for patients can be moved more quickly and constantly. She stated that they now receive 120 more balloons than usual and that they have managed to obtain another 10-ton isotank.

Despite this, the Ministry of Health is evaluating the possibility of taking control over the health issue in the region due to the lack of decisions by the authorities to improve patient care.

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