Martha Cháves to Domingo Pérez: it is not feasible for a prosecutor to ask for whatever he wants

In an interview for RPP, Fuerza Popular congresswoman, Martha Chaves, spoke about the request of the prosecutor member of the Lava Jato Special Team, José Domingo Pérez, to temporarily suspend (for two and a half years) political activities from the orange party, since according to the investigations it is presumed that it has maintained links with the Brazilian transnational.

The parliamentarian mentioned that the actions of Domingo Pérez ‘may be a directive of the palace,’ likewise, he added for a news expansion: ‘Let’s not forget that prosecutor Pérez is Mr. (Martín) Vizcarra’s favorite prosecutor. Let us remember that he interrupted a presidential trip to come to defend prosecutor Vela and prosecutor Pérez, because they had been separated by a decision of the prosecutor of the Nation of that time. ’

In this sense, the congresswoman spoke about the possibility that the prosecutor has made this request of his own free will and benefit, «of his own free will so that they re-hire his wife or return her position,» this in reference to the former Vanessa Medina Muñoz, head of the Corporate Purchases and Orders Department of Peru Purchases.

In this sense, Martha Chaves referred to the aforementioned media that «it is not feasible for a prosecutor to ask for what he pleases» and that «this time the judge clearly told him that this issue must be clarified in the sentence. It is not feasible that a prosecutor is hitting on a subject knowingly that it is not possible, either in its substance or in its opportunity.

It should be recalled that previously the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez requested that the judge in charge of the process be warned Keiko Fujimori to abide by the rules of restricted appearance, since it is presumed that he was holding talks with some members of his political party.

In other statements, the legislator called the attitude of the head of the Ministerial Cabinet, Pedro Cateriano, confrontational because he declared that he has outstanding accounts with transparency and the administration of justice. ’

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