Surco: Panamericana Sur car accident left four injured

Four members of the Huamaní Huarcaya family were injured after the impact to their car by a trailer. The event occurred while they were heading north this morning at ther kilometer 4 of the Panamericana Sur, near the Derby bridge in Santiago de Surco.

In the image released by América Noticias,  shows the car with plate F5S405 totally destroyed, being left in the middle of two heavy load units. Likewise, it was detailed in the newscast that the victims of the accident were aided by firefighters and taken to the nearest clinic. Of the injured, only one was reported to be in serious condition, while the remaining three suffered only minor injuries.

The aggrieved accused the driver of the trailer as being responsible for the accident, since it was parked behind his vehicle. The family affirms that they were going to the Yerbateros camal to work.

(Foto: César Campos/GEC)

Carmen, with 43 years old, was trapped in the car for an hour, due to the difficulty of getting her out of the demolished car. One of the affected testified how the impact was from behind while they were parked behind a row of trailers. “We were stopped by the reduction of the road. I felt a strong blow from behind,” she declared. The driver of the truck in front of the car confirmed this version.

The driver of the trailer accused of the collision with the Huamaní Huarcaya family vehicle, Gilberto Laura Laura, avoided giving statements on the matter and remained in the cabin of the loading unit. He was transferred to the Monterrico police station by the agents of the National Police to provide his statement on the events as the alleged responsible for the accident.

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