Víctor Zamora defends himself

The former Health Minister, Víctor Zamora, assured that his departure from the state portfolio had nothing to do with the numbers of infections and deaths from the coronavirus (covid-19). He added that the departure was for a complete renovation with the Ministerial Cabinet.

‘Definitely not the reason for leaving the Cabinet, the departure corresponds to an almost complete renovation of the Cabinet. We are 13 ministers who have been replaced by this new team that refreshes the executive capacity of the government, ’said the former minister in an interview with TV Peru.

On the other hand, the new and renowned minister, Pilar Mazzetti released last Wednesday the official figures that include the monitoring of the months from March to June, with a total of 3,688 deaths.

In this sense, Víctor Zamora pointed out that said results are a series of works that began during his tenure as head of MINSA, «is the consequence of a series of steps that have been taken since my tenure,» he said for Channel 7. He pointed out that one of the steps to have the most realistic figures of the effects of the coronavirus was the formation of the Prospective Group, and that since May it was ordered that such information be public.

‘We are one of the few countries that has widely opened its data on both morbidity and mortality. Our will has always been to open all the data for public and professional scrutiny. ’ It is from that point that Zamora denies that his retirement from the ministry had to do with the accusations for the data concealment.

‘It has always been open and transparent, I have always rejected that the terms of applying make-up, hiding or a will not to report, that has never been the will of the government and certainly of my management. I certainly welcome the Office of the Comptroller, the Ombudsman, the Congress of the Republic itself making an assessment of my actions regarding the handling of data, «he said.

It should be noted that some at the press conference of the Executive Power, many media questioned that the Government has not had a real figure on the exact data on the number of deaths, since there were lag charts, so The head of health, Pilar Mazzetti assured that investigations will be carried out since specialized teams will be formed to address the issue.

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