Zeballos is quoted by the Audit commission

The congressman of Union for Peru and president of the Audit Commission, Edgard Alarcón, mentioned that there could be a report on the alleged irregularity in the process of a donation of 20 thousand liters of oxygen per week from the company Souther Peru Cooper Corporation.

According to the head of the commission, the report that could be available for next week indicates that it could end in a constitutional and criminal complaint not only for the former president of the Council of Ministers, Vicente Zeballos, but would also include the head of state, Martin Vizcarra.

‘We will be working on our analysis of this complaint of timely non-acceptance of the oxygen donation from the Southern plant in the city of Ilo. This could, and I put it on conditional, could conclude and bring a constitutional and criminal complaint to both Mr. Vicente Zeballos, including Mr. Martín Vizcarra Cornejo. We would be working on this on Wednesday of next week, ’said the congressman at the session.

In this sense, Zeballos was summoned to attend an extraordinary session of the Supervisory Commission today at 9 am; however, as the former holder did not arrive, the session was adjourned.

‘Vicente Zeballos has not presented himself to the invitation, I think he is being ignored despite the fact that he has been left an invitation at his legal address according to Reniec in Moquegua, he has been virtually issued to the PCM, an invitation that was returned. He went to look for him at the Government Palace and does not work there. It has been passed through WhatsApp to his phone, and we have there agreement that he received the document, ’said the Union for Peru legislator.

Given this situation, Vicente Zeballos was again summoned for the session next Wednesday, July 29. It should be remembered that through social networks the former premier denied having made any kind of delay in processing oxygen donations by the company Southern.

‘The PCM managed the SPCC oxygen donation, which was immediately submitted to the consideration of the Working Group designated by Resolution of the Minsa. Digemid, the responsible body, and the Praxair company carried out the tests that were not initially satisfactory, so it was decided that they should be carried out again, being finally positive, «Zeballos said.

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