Pilar Mazzetti affirmed that infections by COVID-19 will continue to increase

The Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzeti, affirmed that patients with coronavirus continue to increase and that there will continue to be more infections. For this reason, he asked citizens to continue taking precautions and avoid crowds.

“The figures continue to increase and will continue to increase. We Peruvians have to learn that our lives have changed, that our country is no longer what it was before and that we all have to collaborate because in the world there is no country that has not been damaged and there is no health system that resists «, she indicates.

The demand for COVID patient care has increased by 400%, therefore, 18 health specialists have been sent to the city of Arequipa as a response by the Government to the situation. Arequipa has become a new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, to which the Minister of Health stated that the cause of it was because there is «a weakness that covers all aspects» in the fight against the virus.

The doctors that will be sent to the south will help their colleagues who cannot attend more patients due to the large number of patients in the region. Likewise, Mazzetti reported that an administrative and assistance team would be taking along with Dr. Zulema Tomás, who would be in charge of directing them. The teams will stay in Arequipa and will rotate.

Photo: Antonio Melgarejo

“At the moment, the norms that we usually follow within hospitals cannot be applied. If we have space, we have to occupy it to attend them. Before, there were standards of care, as many patients per doctor. Now, we have to work with the support of the staff in everything we have. The doctors are working beyond their capacity. The nurses too, «said the minister.

50 beds were sent for intensive care with the order of the Health sector and it will inaugurate 100 primary care entities such as health posts or centers for the recently infected. The intervention involved two aspects: a complete intervention of all post establishments and health centers to identify positive people and give them prompt treatment; and bring enough medication for all the sick.

Mazzetti denied that the Ministry of Health will intervene in all regions of the country. She said that it was important to that learn from what we live and react to reach a level that improves service in all regions of Peru.

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