The author of the fire in the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul has confessed

Last week, a fire in the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul reminded us of the incident that occurred at Notre Dame last year. Firefighters and French authorities had predicted that the fire in the Gothic cathedral could be started, the culprit has confessed.

French police have disclosed that the perpetrator of the fire in the Nantes cathedral confessed to the crime. It would be a volunteer altar boy in a cathedral, a refugee of Rwandan nationality, who would have been held last Saturday but he would have denied the charges and was released, finally, due to the accumulation of evidence, he ended up confessing the crime. Nantes prosecutor Pierres Sennes declared «he has acknowledged before the judge that he had lit the three lights of the cathedral fire«.

The fire produced on July 18, was controlled by firefighters after three hours, fortunately, the damage caused was less than that of Notre Dame, the authorities from the outset assured that the fire had been caused because the three outbreaks they had some distance.

The 39-year-old Rwandan, a confessed perpetrator of a crime, will be accused of «destruction and degradation by fire and placed in provisional detention by the judge in charge of freedom and detention«, this was confirmed by the prosecutor. If his guilt is proven, he could have a prison term of 10 years, he would also have to pay a fine of 150,000 euros.

Quentin Chabert, the detainee’s lawyer, assured the French newspaper Ouest-France, “He deeply regrets the facts and talking about it has been a release for him. Today my client is tormented by remorse and overcome by the magnitude that events have taken”.

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