Coronavirus: countries that were highlighted worldwide affected by outbreaks

The Coronavirus has so far claimed the lives of 645,000 people, more than 16 million are infected. Leaving the United States as the country with the most patients with the deadly virus, followed by Brazil and India, who this week managed to join the list of the countries with the most infected.

Within the catastrophe that the Coronavirus is leaving us, a group of countries set the example by taking outstanding measures worldwide, these countries were the model for how the dreaded virus should be exterminated, but it was enough with just a little time to that the outbreaks begin, and again register cases, returning to the fight against COVID-19.

Hong Kong

The autonomous region of China managed to overcome the virus, due to the demanding measures it implemented in January, virus mapping, social distancing, and handwashing, among others.

In March, the Hong Kong authorities took rigorous measures to curb the second wave of the Coronavirus, this because the residents of the city began to return from other Chinese cities, the authorities prohibited the entry of non-residents, also prohibited transit at airports and ordered strict quarantines, thus reducing the number of infected to zero for several weeks.

However, since last July 6 the region presents a third wave of infections, the authorities have already warned about a possible outbreak with exponential growth. Last Friday, 123 new cases were counted, the highest number in a day.

Public meetings can only be held with a maximum of 4 people, whereas previously the limit was 50, gyms are closed, and travelers who wish to enter Hong Kong must present negative proof.


The measures were taken since February 1, when Australia prohibited foreign visitors who had been in China from entering the country, when Coronavirus cases were growing in the country, in March they added Iran, South Korea, and Italy to the list. To later close its airports completely on the 19th of the same month.

On May 8, Prime Minister Scott Morrison reported on the plan to reopen the country in July, when the cases numbered 7,000 with 97 deaths.

Shortly after several American experts started Australia as an example, on July 7, the country had a strong outbreak in Melbourne, where it had to isolate 6.6 million inhabitants. The most populous states of Victoria and New South Wales in the country were closed for the first time, face masks became mandatory and confinement was re-imposed.

Victoria registered 403 coronavirus cases last Wednesday, the third-highest number of infections since the pandemic reported. Australia has a total of 13,000 cases and 140 deaths.


On May 25, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that Japan would end Coronavirus in a month and a half. For his part, the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, indicated that cultural and sports activities would be started under a security protocol, and also reported that schools would follow the same steps.

Since then the infections began to increase, this week Japan suffered its highest number of 981 cases, according to the Ministry of Health. Japan has a total of 29,000 infected with the new coronavirus, while the death toll reaches 994.


For several months ago, Israel has been praised as an international model, due to its measures to stop the virus. Among them, the rapid action of closing the borders, radical freezes at its airports.

On April 18, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured the media that Israel had triumphed over the Coronavirus, thus ensuring that the nation was a global example «to safeguard life and block the outbreak of the pandemic«. Netanyahu also claimed that Israel would be a world example in reviving the economy.

However, just a few weeks after reactivating restaurants, shopping malls, beaches, the country began to increase contagion, going from 20 to 1,000 cases a day in less than two.

The prime minister backtracked in early July, announcing the closure of gyms, swimming pools, event rooms, bars, and more crowded places, to be closed indefinitely. Leaving authorization only to restaurants and worship centers, but only with limited capacity.

On July 17, the country took new measures to stop the outbreak, returning to strict regulations, which brought the country closer to its second closure. This Thursday, Israel reached 1,819 new cases in 24 hours.

Protesters were quick to appear, Israeli citizens protesting outside the residence of Benjamin Netanyahu. The causes of the multiple protests are the government’s handling of the pandemic and the cases of corruption in which the government is involved.

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