Spain: a second wave of infections puts the Iberian country on alert

The coronavirus has continued to spread on the old continent. There is already talk of a second wave in Spain. Countries like France, Germany, and Belgium have requested to prevent their compatriots from traveling to the most visited destinations given the high temperatures. It’s only been a month since it opened and the Ministry of Health has reported more than 900 new cases on Friday.

According to various experts interviewed, this is due to the high levels of spread among the youngest who, after the opening of bars and recreation centers, have once again transmitted the contagion to the elderly. Given this, regions such as Catalonia announced the temporary closure of nightclubs and bars in the region (two weeks).

Spain in trouble

The greatest number of cases of contagion have occurred in the north of the country. Towns like Aragón, Zaragoza, Barcelona, and some towns in Madrid are beginning to attract attention due to a sustained increase in cases.

Among other notable cases of contagion is a second division soccer team, Fuenlabrada, which now has 28 confirmed cases.

Source: Ministry of Health, Spain (July 24)

Worried neighborhood

Among the countries that have been alerted by the increase in infections in Spain are the United Kingdom, which announced that those who return from Spain should self-isolate for 14 days from this Sunday. This includes the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, although these destinations have not presented significant outbreaks like those found in the north.

Norway also warned that it will begin to quarantine people arriving from Spain, while France recommended that its citizens not travel to Catalonia. Belgium, for its part, has banned travel to the cities of Huesca and Lleida, with recommendations not to travel to other areas in Spain.

Regrowths in Europe are starting to rise rapidly, and this has forced countries like France to force their compatriots to wear masks at all times since the number of infected people arriving daily in hospitals is increasing from 1,000 to 1,000.

Check the Coronavirus map in Spain updated to date here:

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