Mulder: Martín Vizcarra «is a stubborn liar»

True to his style, the former congressman and APRA supporter, Mauricio Mulder, had strong statements regarding the message given by President Martín Vizcarra. «I do not believe anything to Martín Vizcarra. He is a stubborn liar», he said before an interview with Milagros Leiva, in which he was accompanied by Omar Chehade.

The former member of parliament stated that during Vizcarra’s mandate different promises were made that were not fulfilled. «All the promises have been a lie. When his government ends, he will collate himself», he said. Among those he mentioned were the 80 hospitals and 1,000 new schools that the president promised during his interview with Mónica Delta in 2019.

In addition, the lawyer referred to an eventual dialogue between the parties and the government, stating that, if carried out, he hopes to resolve issues of great importance. Among these, corruption cases such as those involving close relatives of the President of the Republic of forged figures should be considered. «If we ask for an audit for the false figures, are you going to agree to touch on that issue?»


Mulder also asserted that laws with their own names could not be debated in the new congress. Thus he referred to the debate of political affiliation in the parties. «Here the laws are made in their own name», he criticized.

In turn, he added that there would be problems in laws such as parity. According to his reflections, during the electoral period, there could be problems regarding the quotas that are sought to be filled between men and women. «What happens if more men enroll than women?» If there are more men than women on the plates, some would be unable to participate because there is no correlation with their peers.


The former MP assured that he does not want to be a presidential candidate. «I have had adverse results. (…) One must have a realistic vision. Know how to read the results», he emphasized.

It should be remembered that in the last elections, the APRA party did not have a great acceptance. However, as confirmed, they would be on the lists again.

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