Omar Chehade points out that there are certain gaps in the presidential message

The Congressman of the Alliance for Progress (APP), Omar Chehade, mentioned that the presidential message was given today by the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, «has not made a mea culpa» of the flaws evident during his administration. According to the portrait, this message would leave different «gaps» in issues related to the economy and business as well as the management of the pandemic.

As for the latter, the former vice president humalista said that the death toll should be sincere. «To keep hiding them (deceased) is cheating the pandemic». In addition, he stressed the importance of the private sector to which the President made no clear mention during his speech. «He hasn’t said a single word about mypes», he added. For his part, he added that this sector is very important because it makes up at least 80% of income in the country.

Of not taking letters in the matter regarding this sector such as small and medium-sized companies, Peru would run a very doubtful economic destination. «We are going to decrease triple that of Argentina, which is a broken country», he emphasized in his interview in a Willax. In addition, he added that not having a «reconciliation» with private companies, no type of project would be really prosperous.

Pacto Peru

Chehade mentions that the Pacto Peru is a good option to keep the political aspect calmer and to avoid the confrontations that have flaunted in recent months. In turn, he pointed out that from his bench there was always a need for dialogue. He affirmed that they proposed from the beginning an «Agenda País» plan that sought to prioritize key issues still lacking.

Elections 2021

According to the Bicentennial general elections, Chehade assured on a par with Mauricio Mulder that these elections will be atypical. He stressed that it is very likely that for party elections, the votes will be face-to-face. However, to avoid crowds, electronic voting should be implemented.

On the other hand, on legislative issues, he emphasized that the consensus with the other benches in the document referring to this issue is positive except for certain confrontations on the issue of political affiliation. The parliamentarian indicated that this measure seeks to «give time to the non-registered to register» and that it will achieve, to a certain extent, the strengthening of political parties.

It should be remembered that the measure will be debated this Tuesday, August 4.

Chehade further stated that he has no intention of running as a presidential candidate.