The 5 points of Pacto Perú: The new initiative of Martin Vizcarra

In the message to the Nation provided by the President of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra, the need to invoke dialogue was highlighted for those who work hard to leave a country on track and the new political actors who will be the next protagonists of the government. For Vizcarra Cornejo, he called on all political forces to build the Pacto Peru agreement.

The Peru Pact agreement will focus on five (5) main axes that promote a good transition of government in peace and that has minimum agreements, this in the framework of the next general elections to be held in April 2021 (the bicentennial year of the Independence of Peru).

«In a few months the new president and the new Congress will be elected and these new representatives will be elected through one of the nationally registered political parties. That is why, attending to the citizen demand for unity, I want to take advantage of this moment to summon all the political forces and build a new basic agreement: the Peru Pact. This pact should help all Peruvians to go through this process in peace, with minimal agreements that frame the necessary debate that will take place in the next electoral campaign, «declared the head of state.
In this regard, the president pointed out that in the meetings he held with the Council of Ministers, the needs to build an agenda for the Bicentennial of the Republic were highlighted, so that ‘it arises from dialogue not only for those of us who have been working hard to leave a country on track but also of the political actors who are going to be protagonists in the next government. ‘

Likewise, Martin Vizcarra assured that the next general elections should be transparent and with clear rules, ‘We do not want any interference in a campaign that must be clean, with clear and transparent rules. The initiative that I am proposing today aims to generate a dialogue that goes beyond this conjuncture of crisis, that provides necessary certainties for Peruvians. ’

In turn, the president also invited the consensus that allows consolidating democracy and, through political debate, promoting the development of the country, ‘If we do not do so, we run the risk of reaching the bicentennial mired in exhausting confrontations and struggles that will prevent us from facing the enormous country agenda that lies ahead. Let’s learn from the experience of this pandemic and build basic agreements that society is crying out for. We have the opportunity to demonstrate to all Peruvians that we are capable of neglecting short-term interests in pursuit of the common good. ’

The Peru pact brought with it a series of approaches, which within the 5 points mentioned will promote the development of the country, these axes are:

1. The construction of a unified health system: In which the construction of a unified health system can guarantee the universal provision of services for all Peruvians.

2. Guarantee quality education by eliminating gaps: An approach that seeks to remove gaps in urban and rural education with virtual opportunities for the private and state sectors.

3. Promote sustainable economic growth: Initiative that allows the social economy to be of benefit to all citizens.

4. Continuity of political reform and judicial administration system: Guarantee the development and validity of political reforms, as well as the justice administration system.

5. The fight against poverty and extreme poverty: Said aims to close the social and historical gaps for the development of a more equitable country.

To conclude, during the last presidential message from Vizcarra Cornejo, he mentioned: ‘I know that this five-point agenda is ambitious, but I am convinced that it is worth trying and I am willing to try so that the political leaders succeed in putting aside the situation and we are able to generate minimum agreements to strengthen our democracy. ‘

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