Goodbye «Chespirito»: the programs will not be broadcast again in any country

After more than 50 years, the series created by the emblematic Roberto Gómez Bolaños, will no longer broadcast in more than 20 countries. This has been announced by the family of the engraving «Chespirito», who through their social networks have shown their disappointment at the news. Fans from all over Latin America have been outraged, the series has great success in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru.

Roberto Gómez Fernández, Bolaños’ son, regretted via Twitter «Although saddened by the decision, my family and I hope that Chespirito will soon be on the world screens. We will continue to insist, and I am sure we will succeed.» Gómez Fernández, who is a producer for the Chespirito Group, has not disclosed the reasons for the news.

According to the Mexican press, the reason why the programs created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, «El Chavo del 8», «El Chapulín Colorado» and «Chespirito» would stop broadcasting, would be a legal disagreement that could exist between the engraving family comedian and Grupo Televisa, the company responsible for broadcasting the series since 1990.

On the other hand, Graciela Gómez Fernández, also the daughter of Bolaños, was much more critical on her Twitter account, where “It is a pity that those who benefited most from Chespirito’s programs today affirm that they are no longer worth anything. His culture, his love, his example, his style he left to his children … That wealth cannot be quantified. The economic interests are not in the family. «

Florinda Meza, recorded for her role as Doña Florinda and wife of the late comedian, also wanted to give her opinion on the matter “Although I have nothing to do with it because she has not been inexplicably summoned to the mountains, I think just now, when the world needs it the most fun, doing that is an attack on people.» Meza criticized Televisa’s decision, also assured that the measure is unwise, adding «It is sad to see how in your own house, which you have given millions of dollars, is where you are least valued.»

Last July 31 was the last day that the «Chespirito» programs aired, at the moment they cannot be reproduced under any television channel or through the internet. Until today Televisa will not miss pronounced on the subject.

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