Salvador del Solar rules out being a candidate for the 2021 presidential elections

The possible and mentioned possible candidates for the 2021 presidential elections, Salvador del Solar, announced that it is not within his intentions to be a candidate for the presidency of Peru next year, he also stated for Canal N, that he has not spoken to anyone about the possibility of join a political party.

Thus, the former Prime Minister evaluated the possibility of being a political candidate; But according to him, our country is in a situation where the coronavirus pandemic due to the Coronavirus (Covid – 19) needs fronts but not individualism.

«I do not believe in individual efforts, but collective, because I believe in institutional efforts, I ratify my position of not being a presidential candidate and of inviting those who want to be or can be, to leave individual thoughts, even supporters.»

I also add to the aforementioned media: ‘I think it helps to say: I have no aspirations to be a candidate, my aspirations are to see a way in which, collaborating among all, we do something for our country, which needs it greatly, from the citizens, from the regions, with young people, with the elderly, with women, with the political forces that are considered related. This is not just a time for parties, it is a time for fronts and it is a patriotic moment. The situation is terrible. ’

It is in this sense that Del Solar stated that he was calm with his decision and thanked those people who considered it an option for the 2021 general elections. In turn, he urged that it is necessary to strengthen the parties for the future, but not only to next year’s elections.

‘Our policy is in a sad situation. We have had more than one example of caudillos or charismatic people, or who seem to be novel, who have summoned everyone’s hopes and at the same time have made it easier for citizens to let go of our potential responsibility to take us over and over again to a hopeless situation. Let’s not do the same if we want something different, «he said.

On the other hand, Salvador del Solar declared the ephemeral political alliances of past governments in our country: ‘Where is President Toledo’s party? Where is President Kuczynski’s party? Where is President Humala’s party? Parties cannot appear and disappear simply to become a government. Once the figure disappears or falls out of favor, the party suffers. »

Poe end, Del Solar salute the efforts of the Purple Party, since I consider that his performance is serious, and I salute the invitation that was made to be part of his political ranks; but you no longer have it in mind.

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