Ate: police intervenes party in full curfew, where babies were exposed to the virus

More than 80 people, including adults and minors, were operated at two premises in the Ate district. Parties were organized without taking into account the prohibitions that exist to carry out activities that spread the virus.

One of the interventions was made at the curfew in an establishment where a sports field was active. In addition to being a clandestine place, you could see the diversity of alcoholic beverages contained in the bar for the celebration.

People did not wear masks or respect the minimum distance meter. Furthermore, they sat at the tables without any distance and even drank from the same glasses from each other.

Parents who attended this social gathering took their children exposing them to contagion. During the videos broadcast on Latina Noticias, some women were caught carrying their babies and their other minor children without any protection to prevent coronavirus infections. This is highly risky because EsSalud alerted the increase in Covid-19 cases in children under 11 years of age.

«This sports field still can not function, however, we are seeing high consumption of liquor among several people,» said a representative of the Municipality of Ate.

On the other hand, in another place 50 people were intervened in a meeting in which social distancing was not respected nor did they wear masks, and if they did, they were poorly placed.

After not accepting their mistake, a group of people who were there faced beatings with the inspectors in charge of the operation, resisting the closure of the premises.

In addition to the infractions that were committed at the meeting, minors were found at the scene in charge of selling alcoholic beverages.

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