Request for a vote of confidence: All about Pedro Cateriano’s exposition

The President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano attended today August 3 to request and expose the mechanism of the vote of confidence for the Government before the Congress of the Republic, for this, the Prime Minister addressing the different political groups stated : «The effort of the coming months will be to rebuild, as quickly as possible, the income of families, jobs and economic activity, always protecting the health of Peruvians.»

Within the presentation of the head of the Cabinet, the essential aspects for the economic plan that would be carried out in the following 12 months were taken into account:

– Protection of families and their income
– Private investment as an engine of economic growth, within the framework of a social market economy
– Sector policies to boost economic growth
– Public investment as a catalyst for the economy

Against these aspects, Cateriano indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic is the worst health crisis in the history of the Republic, so in this sense I estimate that poverty rates could increase 8 and 10 points, according to the projections made by the Government in the management of the current context.


Investment by covid-19
From that point, it was stressed that the contribution of the State to counteract this crisis is the 8000 million soles, this as an injection that supports more than one point of GDP and aims to sustain the consumption of families while jobs are reactivated and develop the economy.

In the Prime Minister’s presentation, it was implied that the Government’s measures seek to take lines of action on specific issues projected to social issues, care for children in vulnerable state, protection for older adults and seek development in the sectoral field. rural of those who supported many households.

From that point, the Government has provided bonuses aimed at food issues, pension to those who died from the coronavirus and the extension of remote work until July 31, 2021. ‘To date, more than 220,000 remote workers have been registered, avoiding risk of contagion of COVID-19 in the work centers’.

As a proposal to reactivate the economy, approaches related to the continuation of strategic projects that have an impact on economic growth are being sought, for which approximately 40 billion dollars will be predestined, this under the approval of the Specialized Investment Monitoring Team.


Jobs and Tourism
At other points, Cateriano referred to the strengthening of the Trabaja Perú program, this with the aim of generating 220,000 temporary jobs, including in its lines of action large-scale works such as natural gas for 200 million dollars. While for the Tourism sector, it is planned to invest in improving access to the systems of the Choquequirao Archaeological Park, in Cusco.

For the transport sector, the premier mentioned that it seeks to promote railway projects on the line from Lima to Chosica, this to oxygenate the ‘demand for a better and safer service’.

The mining sector was a topic touched on in the exhibition, and for this Cateriano confirmed that mining is ‘the backbone of the economy in Peru’ and I regret that there are many people who understand this point. Since the development of this activity represents 10% of the GDP and just over 60% of all national exports. Therefore, he declared that the Government will continue investing in this activity.

However, he considered it important to take into account the position of Andean and indigenous peoples and communities to carry out these plans, for which the premier said: ‘it is also necessary to apply the regulation on prior consultation in a correct and timely manner and to reduce at least in six months the process, further reaffirming the State’s commitment to our indigenous peoples. ‘

The agriculture sector is also a subject of exposition for the President of the Council of Ministers, who stated that it seeks to restart the execution of works that were paralyzed, such as the Chavimochic II megaproject in La Libertad. In this sense, it will also seek to strengthen water security and for this, works such as the Yanapuquio dams in the Arequipa region will be carried out.

Regarding forestry, Cateriano mentioned that it is planned to review forestry, fauna, fishing, aquaculture, reconstruction and public investment plans to boost the economy in the country.

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