The day Pablo Escobar looked for Kiko

Carlos Villagran, an actor known internationally as Kiko in the famous Mexican series El Chavo del 8, revealed a passage from his professional life in which he was sought by people related to the Colombian drug trafficker, Pablo Escobar.

In an interview for the Argentine channel América TV, Villagrán recalled that passage of his life in which he was in the capital of the coffee country, Bogotá, to appear in one of his many shows for the whole family.

Thus, after staying in a hotel in the Colombian capital, the interpreter of Kiko was visited by 3 people, of whom Villagrán thought they were journalists and decided to receive them in his room. However, after greeting them, one of the 3 visitors opened his portfolio and showing a checkbook said: ‘Tomorrow is the birthday of my employer’s daughter. Put in the amount, up to a million dollars. ‘

According to the Mexican actor, at that time he did not expect such a thing, so he felt his body freeze, and thought that it was the people linked to the former leader of the country’s cartel and for that reason he chose to do without the invitation from your visitors.

Still, to avoid any retaliation by the 3 guests, Carlos Villagran told him that his decision was based on a clause that prevented him from doing business of such magnitude, since they are outside the agreements that he would supposedly have with the Chavo of 8 Faced with the refusal, the popular Kiko said that the men respected his decision, closed the checkbook, the portfolio and said goodbye to the comic actor.

After such an anecdote, Carlos Villagran commented to the aforementioned media that he was afraid of the decision made and that in this regard he went to many hotels for the circus where he would have to appear. However, in the face of so much uncertainty, the popular Kiko went on to retire 3 days after the curious anecdote since, according to him, he commented: he felt a tremendous fear: ‘They are going to sweep me (kill)’, he said.

After time, the humorist comments that after his return to the country, he no longer had any other related anecdotes, nor was he contacted again. However, despite what happened, Carlos Villagran left in between said that his colleagues from the famous cast did attend Pablo Escobar’s meetings.

It also remained in between what the monetary amount with which the people of the Colombian drug trafficker would have spent to contact and convince the rest of the cast to attend the parties of the capo of Colombia would have been.