15% of university students abandoned their studies during the state of emergency

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According to a recent estimate by the Federation of Private Institutions of Higher Education (FIPES), 15% of students from private universities dropped out due to the expansion of the COVID-19. This has been one of the consequences of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Nearly 65 thousand young people could not enroll last semester in institutes and universities due to a lack of resources. The president of the Association of Institutes and Schools of Higher Education, Julio Cárdenas, pointed out that the cause of it was because 73% of the students who enroll in an institute or school come from families in the economic sectors C and D.

According to the entity revealed to RPP yesterday, this situation would be a consequence of the financial blow that has suffered and continues to affect our country due to the pandemic. Thousands of parents lost their jobs and, with it, the possibility of paying for their children’s private higher education. It became extremely complex to provide for it.

«We estimate that in this cycle the dropout rate is around 15% in the case of private universities. Even some universities exceed 30% of dropouts, especially those that have students from segments C and D. The delinquency of payments reaches 50%, being difficult or even impossible to sustain the universities «, reported Juan Ostopa, president of FIPES, in declarations to RPP.

Similarly, it was announced that this problem will continue in the coming months. As stated by Fipes projections, during the next university cycle the dropout could reach 35% of the student body, which would also happen in other educational centers such as institutes.

«We are concerned about this semester but also about what is coming, the desertion in the next semester in the case of technological institutes must exceed 60%», concluded Ostopa.

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