Swiss Prosecutor’s Office opens investigation into Infantino in the «FIFAgate» case

The boss of the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA) is accused of «abuse of authority, violation of the decree of function and obstruction of criminal activity; all this related to the famous case» FIFAgate «, in which sports leaders were involved from around the world, including the painfully remembered Manuel Burga, former president of the Peruvian Football Federation.

A few years ago, the largest corruption network linked to football was uncovered. Crimes ranging from bribes to money laundering were exposed to the press and to the followers of the king sport. After several years and legal proceedings, many of those involved are behind bars or on parole but suspended indefinitely or for several years from holding a position or having something to do with sports. One of them was precisely former FIFA President Joseph Blatter, who, when exposed, resigned in 2015, giving way to the aforementioned Gianni Infantino.

However, the latest investigations have as their main protagonist the Italian-Swiss lawyer and the former head of the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office, Michael Lauber. The two reportedly held clandestine meetings, alerting the now-prosecutor in charge of this investigation, Stefan Keller, who asked that the former prosecutor’s immunity be lifted. The official document concludes that «there are constitutive elements of objectionable behavior


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