The possible new prime minister

In the context of the political crisis caused by the executive and the legislative branch, a number of names have been highlighted by journalists, opinion leaders and politicians, who for the most part share the fact that the refusal of the vote of confidence has been an event. quite controversial so far in 2020.

In this way, in The Black Heralds, the possible candidates that could hold the position of President of the Council of Ministers in the rest of the year and of which he would be the successor to the position previously held by Salvador del Solar, Vicente Zeballos and the last still in office, Pedro Cateriano.

– Uriel Garcia: The doctor and scientific researcher, who has worked as President of the Superior Council of Employee Social Security has been named as the main option for the congresswoman of the Broad Front, Rocio Silva Santisteban in the Juliana Oxenford program on the channel, since according to the parliamentary doctor Uriel Garcia, he also has a career as a politician and it is because of his ties to medicine that he could be the ideal candidate for the premiarate held by Pedro Cateriano.

– Salvador del Solar: in some media there was talk of the former prime minister who already fulfilled this position in the so-called congress body of the year 2019. It should be noted that a few days ago, del Solar ruled out being a presidential candidate in 2021.

– Pilar Mazzetti: The current Minister of Health, is rumored to carry the position of President of the Council of Ministers; However, it will be known so far that the minister rejected the position to President Martin Vizcarra, this after meeting with the president in the Government Palace.

– Walter Martos: Like Minister Marilu Martens, the name of the current defense minister is mentioned by the political press, since he would also be on the table of the issues that would be on the agenda from the executive branch. In fact, it is rumored that the minister had already accepted the position and that it could be a matter of hours to make his new ministerial position official.

– Jorge Nieto: Another of the names mentioned has been that of the Peruvian politician and sociologist, who has already worked in the Culture portfolio and then in the Defense portfolio during the government of Pedro Pablo Kuczynsky. It should be noted that Nieto Montesinos has been issuing the vote of confidence for Pedro Cateriano.

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