Cristina Kirchner will sue Google for presenting her as a «thief»

The former Argentine president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, filed a lawsuit against Google claiming that the US company promoted lies and defamation. The current vice president of Argentina requested computer expertise from Google for calling her a «thief».

The conflict started when the search engine showed the image of Cristina Kirchner, in a panel that Google has for famous people, and in the description instead of her institutional position or profession she said «Thief of the Argentine Nation». The action that has been described by the former president as «false and offensive information.»

Google panel about Cristina Kirchner

Cristina Kirchner spoke through her social networks «When lies and defamation are fired from massive platforms, their circulation has no limits, it cannot be stopped and the damage they cause to the defamed seems to be incalculable». Kirchner also questioned the rights of users «Is there any type of defense for people who are victims of this type of action perpetrated by a computer giant like Google?».

Carlos Beraldi, Fernández de Kirchner’s lawyer, declared how his client’s discomfort began, which dates back to May 17, «he learned, due to the strong repercussions on the internet, of a digital note from the Clarín newspaper, which stated that the engine search engine most used internationally associated his person with the nickname of ‘thief'».

Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer reported that the former president has requested exhaustive informative expertise on the content that Google shows in relation to her person, under the keywords Cristina Kirchner and Cristina Fernández. Beraldi stated that this expertise will be key to start a civil lawsuit against the American company.

Google has been consulted by the Argentine media Télam about what happened, the company assured that they know the subject only by the media, but they have not been duly notified.

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