Tetra Pak: Find out where and how it’s recycled in Peru

Although we do not know it completely, we have all used one of these containers at least once. The Tetra Pak is that package that contains milk and juice, among other products. Popularly when one refers to this packaging we call it «box» or «cardboard»; However, its composition is mainly based on 75% cardboard, 20% polyethylene, and 5% aluminum.

Source: Tetra Pak

Due to its components, this type of container cannot be discarded together with other types of waste but must be separated and deposited in the special containers for Tetra Pak that are located in the various supermarkets in our country, where they can dispose of him properly.

In order to recycle this container it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the container unfolding it by its folds (those «little pieces» that it has on the sides).
  2. Rinse the inside of the package so that it is clean and without food remains. Let it dry.
  3. Stack or store the containers to be able to take them to their collection point.

A single container of Tetra Pak takes approximately 35 years to degrade! This is due to its triple layer of components. Since these elements cannot be recycled together, it is necessary that the 3 components are separated in a specialized plant and that, being separated, they can be processed individually.

Cardboard is normally used to make recycled cardboard, but polyethylene and aluminum are often processed together to form consistent, hard sheets from which various products can be made.

Source: Coca-Cola Peru

In Peru, we have a recycling plant for this material. The question would be, where can I deposit my Tetra Pak containers for recycling?

In Lima, there are many municipalities that include this type of packaging in their recycling plan. Between them we have: Ate, Barranco, Bellavista, Breña, Cieneguilla, Jesús María, La Molina, Lince, Miraflores, San Borja, San Isidro, San Luis, San Martín de Porres, Surco y Villa El Salvador.

📍 You can also find collection points near you in the «At home I recycle» app.

We put at your disposal a list prepared by Tetra Pak of its authorized collection points.

Collection points in peruvian supermarkets. // Source: Tetra Pak
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