«No Drama Llama»: a pacifist llama becomes a symbol of protests in the US

Caesar McCool, known as «No Drama Llama», is a six-year-old llama, the adorable animal has become a symbol of the protests in Portland, the American city that has held protests since the death of African American George Floyd. Caesar attends the Oregon protests for the sole purpose of gifting hugs to protesters.

The protests in Portland transformed the city into a battle zone, tear gas, injured protesters, security agents accused of abuse of power, among other characteristics put Portland in the eyes of the world, Caesar McCool also came to the place, with the sole purpose of alleviating tensions between the protesters and the Armed Forces.

Caesar No Drama Llama
Caesar «No Drama Llama»

The exotic animal’s mission is to give hugs to people who attend demonstrations, this year Caesar has attended 10 protests of the Black Lives Matter Movement in Oregon. On August 5, the llama reached a protest in Portland, surprising the protesters, who ended up lining up to give it a hug.

Caesar "No Drama Llama"
Caesar «No Drama Llama»

Caesar has become an icon of pacifism, his caretaker Larry McCool in an interview for the Washington Post stated “In general, llamas are not known to be welcoming to humans, and (…) Caesar might seem intimidating. However, this llama does not stray from affection or stray from chaos. When people meet Caesar they tend to melt into his calm presence. «

Caesar «No Drama Llama» was born in Argentina, has a height of one meter and 76 centimeters and weighs 158 kilograms, the camelid has been part of animal exhibitions, and has created a sensation in social networks, where it already has thousands of fans who call him the «llamactivist».

Caesar «No drama llama»
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