Why is the flu stronger in men and not women?

It was not an exaggeration. It is scientifically proven that men suffer more from the flu than women. All the symptoms that could be something very simple to bear for them is an ordeal and condemnation for them. But why is this really so?

Apparently the real cause would be in the hormones. According to an investigation managed by Kyle Sue, professor of Family Medicine, at the Canadian University of Newfound-land, it was found that hospitalization and mortality rates from this type of flu are significantly higher in the male population.

Women produce more estrogens than men, who, in turn, produce more testosterone than they do. This would be the main component. According to professors Michael Pozos and Thomas Kraus of the University of California, it was shown in their 2012 research that levels of estrogen and estradiol (female sex hormones) can induce key anti-inflammatory phenotypes in immune responses to viruses.

Matter of age

Indeed, a second study published in the Australian Pharmacist was able to support the theory by investigating the sampling of premenopausal women and those of men of the same age. The exercise showed that female cells cultured with rhinovirus showed greater resistance than those of men. However, when recreating the same test in the cells of postmenopausal women in relation to those of men of the same age, the result shows that it is a purely hormonal issue.

Higher mortality rate

According to different studies, 53% of men are more likely to suffer from respiratory problems compared to 47% of women who can suffer from this type of illness. “They have a weaker immune response to viral respiratory viruses, leading to higher morbidity and mortality than women. There are benefits to conserving energy when you’re sick”, Sue mentioned.

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