Will AliExpress no longer deliver to Peru?

They keep adding their complaints on different platforms. Hundreds of users were left in uncertainty about the products they already paid for.

It is not news that the pandemic has brought with it the boom in electronic commerce. However, hundreds of users have reported that the AliExpress platform of the Chinese company, Alibaba, has stopped all types of trade to Peru and Mexico. Apparently the reason is in the coronavirus pandemic.

As mentioned by some common buyers, this could be a new option for sellers when selecting the countries to which they could ship. Many of these Asian giant distributors have noticed problems when transporting their products to these countries.


The situation in the Aztec country went viral after many YouTubers denounced the situation after trying to acquire Xiaomi products. This is a very common practice due to the high cost of acquiring equipment directly from an operator.


Many users have complained on countless forums for their already paid orders. However, the platform has not expressed itself in this regard, so the uncertainty in the users remains pending.

Closed borders

So far some countries have had problems resuming their activities. Both Peru and Mexico have a high number of deaths and those infected by Coronavirus and this has motivated governments to stop trade activities.

Although in Peru it is opening slowly, some distributors and companies that worked in the shipment of merchandise to the country have found it necessary to stop its commercialization.

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