New Zealand could have defeated Coronavirus after not presenting cases in 100 days

New Zealand announced that it has not registered cases of Coronavirus infections in 100 days, the country with five million inhabitants, recommended that the population not lower their guard despite the positive responses to the Government’s strategies to eliminate viruses in the region.

Currently, there are 23 infected with the new COVID-19 in New Zealand, all of these infected would have entered the country through the borders, where they were effectively detected and quarantined.

The director of Health, Ashley Bloomfield, assured that reaching 100 days without contagion is a great step for the country, stating that no negligence will be allowed, also added «We have seen abroad how quickly the virus can resurface and spread in places where it was previously under control, and we must be prepared to quickly stop any new cases in the future in New Zealand. «

The country located in an archipelago confirmed a total of 1,219 cases of Coronavirus since February, the last diagnosed dates from May 1 and so far 22 fatalities have been registered.

New Zealand closed its borders on March 19, these are currently under control, anyone who enters the country is obliged to remain under quarantine for 14 days. According to the New Zealanders authorities, citizens have returned to normality, massive events are allowed in the country, and due to the minimal presence of the Coronavirus, social distancing almost does not exist in sporting or cultural events.

The government is prepared in the event that a new outbreak hits New Zealand, for this, they have asked citizens to have an emergency kit at home, in addition to masks.

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