8-year-old boy is handcuffed by the United States Police [VIDEO]

The images of 2018 are going through social networks, since in said video it can be seen how a minor is handcuffed by police officers from a Florida town, this after a school incident occurs.

In the images it is observed how the still unidentified officer asked the 8-year-old boy to turn around and place his hands on top of a ledge, later the policeman made the questionable decision to remove his handcuffs and try to arrest the minor, evidently the handcuffs, who are used to reduce criminals, did not fit the minor’s mule, so the policeman was puzzled by this situation.

It should be noted that the incident that occurred in an educational institution took place, after a teacher denounced that the minor physically attacked him, in that sense the authorities of the institution proceeded to call the 2 police officers, who did not they hesitated to take the initiative against the defenseless minor.

In the sensitive images it is observed that the minor does not resist, and from what can be seen, he would even find himself frightened by the arrival of the lawmen who stood in front of him. According to investigations by Noticias Telemundo, it is mentioned that the Key West police department said «there was nothing wrong on the part of its officers.»

In the conversation held by the police officer at the time of the intimidation of the minor, it can be heard that the officer constantly says to the child: «You will go to jail.» Tensions due to mistreatment by the United States police continue to generate controversy, which is why social networks are more attentive than ever.

watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRJZI8jTv4E

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