Congress: Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations approved a complaint against Hector Becerril

The Subcommittee of Constitutional Accusations of the Congress of the Republic decided to declare the complaint against the former parliamentarian of Fuerza Popular, Héctor Becerril, admissible. Said complaint would be carried out because of the alleged links on the part of Becerril with the criminal organization «Los Temerarios del Crime.»

With the support of 12 votes in favor, 0 against and 0 abstentions, the complaint was declared admissible. In this way, the accusation presented by the prosecutor of the Nation, Zoraida Ávalos gives rise, since in the document issued by the head of the Public Ministry it is presumed that the budget allocation given by the criminal organization has provided benefits such as the purchase of porcelain tile for your home.

In that sense, on August 5, the decision of the Judiciary focused on issuing 36 months of impediment from leaving the country against Héctor Becerril for allegedly having participated as a member of the criminal organization in question that he operated from the north of the country.

With the approval to declare the complaint against the former legislator of FP, Héctor Becerril, his case must be passed to the Permanent Commission for the respective proceedings. Another pending issue was carried out, such as the decision of the working group to approve with 11 votes the complaint in favor against the former parliamentarian, Roberto Vieira.

The case of the latter (Vieira), is presented in the context of the accusation by a member of his family for allegedly having requested $ 25,000 in exchange for intervening in favor and lifting a penalty from a fishing company, this also for his alleged influences.

It should be noted that the legislator is tried according to the head of the Public Ministry for the alleged acts of improper passive bribery and aggravated influence peddling. And as additional data, the congressmen of Fuerza Popular: Martha Chaves and Carlos Mesías voted in favor of the complaint.