Urresti’s conditions for granting a vote of confidence

In statements to Andina, the congressman of Podemos Peru, Daniel Urresti mentioned that he hopes that the President of the Council of Ministers, Walter Martos, will focus his issues in relation to directing the Peruvian economy and carrying out a correct health plan in the fight against Covid – 19.

The versions by the former interior minister are based on the context of the presentation that the prime minister will present to request a vote of confidence tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11, before the Plenary of the Congress of the Republic.

In that sense, the retired general said: ‘For the worst economic and health crisis in our history, we cannot think of solutions as if we were in the best of worlds. We are at war and our mortal enemy is COVID-19. Therefore, the first thing we have to think about is guaranteeing food and the health of the population. ‘

From that point, Urresti considers that the new premier should also focus on action plans for Peruvians to face the pandemic due to the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak in the country during the next ten months.

«We hope that these measures are aimed at micro and small companies and that the aid will also reach those who live in human settlements and on the slopes of the hills, not only large companies,» he mentioned for the aforementioned media.

In this sense, Daniel Urresti endorsed that this is not the time to speak of censorship of the ministers of state, since each particular case presents reasons for such interpellations. It should be noted that parliamentarians from Peru Podemos denied trust to the former President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano, for which he had to withdraw from his post.

In that sense, if the current Prime Minister, Walter Martos, is denied the investiture of confidence, Peru would be entering one of the biggest political crises in Peru in the context of a global pandemic that is killing many Peruvians.

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