It’s official! Congress grants vote of confidence to Walter Martos

With 115 votes in favor, 5 against and 4 abstentions, the president of the Council of Ministers, Walter Martos, manages to obtain a vote of confidence from the Congress of the Republic, this in the midst of the context experienced by the political crisis between the executive and legislative power, since less than 1 week ago the former prime minister, Pedro Cateriano, was denied such investiture.

The head of the cabinet today attended the plenary session of the legislative palace to present the government plan that his cabinet team will maintain for the remainder of the year and in the process of the fight against Covid – 19 in our country, and other additional issues, such as economic reactivation and citizen representation.

Likewise, Walter Martos, who previously held the position of Minister of the Interior, said that starting tomorrow the emergency decree will be carried out with additional measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus in Peru. In this sense, the chief of the cabinet called for the union of all forces to reach a consensus: ‘We have come to ask for a vote of confidence; But we have also come to ask for union and we will not be able to unite until we remove from our hearts all kinds of hatred and resentment. ‘

In other matters, Martos explained a new proposal to give rise to the representation of the authorities in the interior of the country, the prime minister announced that the ministers of state will maintain coordinated work with the members of the parliament to discuss the problems in their region, province or district they represent.

‘Who better than you to know about your priority needs, and I have also asked that when you travel to your region to coordinate or bring aid for this pandemic, call them to accompany you, and thus join forces to help you,’ said Walter Martos. in his presentation before the legislative power.

The prime minister concluded with the following words: «I conclude my presentation before you and I respectfully request the vote of confidence of the national representation that I am honored to preside.»

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