Russia registered the first coronavirus vaccine

In the race for vaccines, Russia has taken the lead. Putin has pointed out that even his daughter has received the vaccine that the WHO still does not recommend due to lack of evidence.

In Russia, the president, Vladimir Putin, pointed out this Tuesday, August 11, that they have managed to be the first to register a vaccine against the new coronavirus. «This morning a vaccine was registered for the first time in the world,» said the head of state.

«I hope that soon we can start mass production,» Putin told his ministers. Likewise, the president mentioned that his daughter had applied for this medicine and that now she felt «fine.» Likewise, the head of the Kremlin pointed out that he hopes that other countries will be able to produce their own vaccines as well since it is good that there are more solutions in the market for pharmacies and vaccines. In addition, he added that no one will be forced to use them and it will be placed by those who believe it necessary.


Despite Russia’s good recommendations, the WHO has indicated that it is better to remain cautious and wait for an official pronouncement. «Accelerating progress should not mean compromising security,» said Tarik Jasarevic, a spokesman for the international body. Some researchers from different parts of the world have argued that this vaccine could be harmful.

The spokesman also stressed that the organization is in very good spirits «due to the speed at which the vaccines are being developed» and has considered that he expects some of them «to be safe and efficient.»

The Russian vaccine, announced today by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a meeting with the cabinet of ministers, was not among the six that the WHO noted last week were most advanced.


While in the United States, trials have been carried out on 30 thousand people, considering different demographic groups and of different ages. The Russians have considered the development of immunity in 38 participants who began to test the vaccine and maintain that they began their tests from June 18.


While the vaccine appears to be effective, the Russian Health Ministry has indicated that the vaccine only offers immunity for two years, which means that the person must be vaccinated again to revalidate their antibodies.

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