Children could suffer from skin problems from excessive use of alcohol gel

More and more people suffer from skin problems due to the constant use of antibacterial gel. But children are the most affected by these types of conditions.

The National Institute of Child Health (INSN) of San Borja pointed out this Wednesday that the constant use of alcohol gel can lead to skin conditions in children, especially those who have dry skin.

«The excessive use of this type of gel can lead to the appearance of skin conditions in children, especially those with dry, sensitive skin or with previous pathologies such as atopic dermatitis,» recommended Milagros Escudero Loayza, pediatric dermatologist at the INSN.

In this sense, the expert in dermatological issues pointed out that the most vulnerable would be infants up to 2 years of age. Products like alcohol gel are not the only ones. Other products that pose a great risk are detergents, alcohol, among products with strong substances.

«These gels can cause the so-called contact dermatitis which is produced by the effects of some substance or products. This can appear anywhere on the body; however, 80% of the time the inflammation or irritation appears on the hands,» she specified.

A recommendation that the dermatologist gave was that the best way to avoid contagion is by washing your hands with soap and water, and then using moisturizers without perfumes or dyes.

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