Toshiba left the laptop market after 40 years

The new company will market its products under the name DynaBook, a Sharp brand, owned by Foxconn.

Bad news! The pandemic continues to claim the permanence of some companies in the market. This time it was Toshiba’s turn, the Japanese company that took off in the technology sector of computers and accessories has decided to sell its shares to Sharp, owned by Foxconn.

Although the products will not appear with the name of the brand inscribed on the lid, the design and better equipment will be maintained on the inside. This motivated many users to share the unfortunate news with nostalgia and sadness.

Goodbye folks!

Although many people are in search of a better computer to carry out jobs, studies, and others, there are some companies in the sector that have been feeling the hit of the lack of sales. Well-known brands such as Compaq, IMB, Sony Vaio, Gateway, were displaced little by little until they did not feel their despair and now customers prefer new brands that have taken over the market.


The company that will now take over Toshiba’s products is a Taiwanese multinational called Foxconn. This company manufactures electronic products to order and is considered the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic components, as well as the largest exporter in China.

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