Historic day for the Middle East: Israel and the United Arab Emirates to sign a peace agreement

Israel and the United Arab Emirates will sign a peace agreement, as announced by President Donald Trump through his Twitter account this Thursday, the agreement will be signed by the leaders of the three countries, its purpose will be to normalize diplomatic relations between these.

The pact will be signed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Emirati Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed and US President Donald Trump in the coming weeks, the agreement would aim to strengthen diplomatic relations between these countries, in addition to stopping the annexation of Palestinian territories.

The United Arab Emirates would become the first Arab Gulf state to sign an agreement with the Israeli nation, also the third Arab country to have active diplomatic ties with Israel, after Egypt (1979), Jordan (1994).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed optimism at the important fact, «A total and formal peace have been achieved between Israel and the UAE, which means the opening of embassies, direct flights and many more bilateral agreements», Netanyahu gave a press conference this afternoon where he stated «Today begins a new era of peace between Israel and the Arab world, and there are good chances that other Arab countries will do the same soon» also the president thanked the United States for being a mediator in the agreement.

For his part, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed, crown prince of Abu Dhabi, also spoke through his Twitter account “In a telephone call between President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, an agreement was reached to put an end any additional annexation of Palestinian territories». The Emirati prince added, «The UAE and Israel also agreed on cooperation and charting a route towards the establishment of bilateral relations.»

The agreement comes at a critical time for Benjamin Netanyahu, due to the massive protests in the country against him, this under the framework of his management against the Coronavirus. On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates has been making an international campaign to change its image and be seen as a tolerant country in the Middle East.

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