Controversial announcement by the governor of Arequipa were spread on BBC News

The regional governor of Arequipa, Elmer Cáceres Llica, caused great controversy in the country due to some announcement he gave in the city called «La Ciudad Blanca», in his speech Cáceres recommends questionable measures to the population to fight against the Coronavirus, the dangerous message of the Arequipa politician has bounced in international media.

«Consuming llamas, it is scientifically proven that it fights the Coronavirus», said Cáceres in a recent event, criticism did not take long to arrive due to the false information that the Arequipa governor would have shared with the population, where he added «How do you consume Coca Cola What is more toxic than chlorine dioxide? ”, prompting those present to consume the dangerous chemical.

The prestigious British medium BBC News reported on the fact through its website, «He’s incorrectly cited studies that say llamas and alpacas carry antibodies that could potentially be modified to develop a Covid-19 treatment. The studies did not mention that eating meat could help a person combat the virus».

The article called «No, eating llama meat will not protect you against Covid-19» describes some of the controversial attitudes of the Arequipa governor, such as the recent letter he sent to President Vladimir Putin, asking him to have access to the vaccine Russian against the Coronavirus, “Yesterday I sent a document to President Putin so that he can give us or sell the vaccine against COVID-19. I hope that Comrade Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, will listen to us”, Cáceres announced, despite the fact that this antidote has not yet been approved by the WHO.

The British media reported «The governor is no stranger to controversy when it comes to the Coronavirus. He has been criticized for repeatedly suggesting chlorine dioxide (bleach) as a treatment, and doctors last month called for his resignation for his handling of the crisis.», adding «He is also one of several leaders in Latin America who have approached Moscow to try to secure stocks of the recently developed Russian vaccine.»

The letter that Elmer Cáceres sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin was shared on his Facebook account.

Posted by Elmer Cáceres Llica on Friday, August 14, 2020

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