Fake News: No, the Annabelle doll did not escape, but she did give us funny memes

The terrifying Annabelle doll was the target of memes today due to false news of her alleged escape from The Warren’s Occult Museum.

Annabelle is a doll who became famous for being the inspiration for the title character of the eponymous horror film in the Conjuring Cinematic Universe.

Legend has it that in 1970 the Raggedy Ann-type doll was a gift to a nursing student, only to be discovered that the soul of a girl named «Annabelle Higgins» lived in the doll. Annabelle was then brought to Ed and Lorraine Warren, experts in the study of the paranormal, who exorcised her and sealed the doll inside a display case at The Warren’s Occult Museum.

Today rumors began on Twitter of the alleged escape of Annabelle. There are several theories about the beginning of the confusion. However, it was discovered that it all started because someone on Wikipedia changed the description of the Annabelle doll, stating that she had indeed escaped and that her whereabouts were not found.

Annabelle fake news twitter wikipedia
Screenshot of the Annabelle doll’s Wikipedia page, now corrected. Posted by user @quackjell via Twitter.

In fact, the museum has been closed since March 2018 due to zoning problems. Until then the museum was run by Lorraine Warren and her son, after Ed Warren’s death in 2006. However, after Lorraine’s death in April last year, the future of the museum became uncertain and the mysterious objects went to Warrens’ godson, Tony Spera, including the Annabelle doll.

Lorraine Warren with Annabelle at The Warren’s Occult Museum.

So to the reassurance of many Annabelle is still under lock and key within the Warren family. Here are some of the funny memes that were created during Annabelle’s sudden escape.

Annabelle meme english 6

Annabelle meme english 8

Annabelle meme english 1

Annabelle meme english 2

Annabelle meme english 3

Annabelle meme english 4

Annabelle meme english 5

Annabelle meme english 7

Annabelle meme english 9

Annabelle meme english 10

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