The Peruvian Medical School recommends that the population use masks in their homes

The dean of the Medical College of Peru, Miguel Palacios, recommended that citizens use the mask also inside homes so that the spread of the coronavirus within homes can be avoided.

Thus he asked the population who have been exposed on the street, whether for work or similar reasons, to use the mask, avoiding infecting their relatives in case they were to be infected.

“One thing is what you wear in the street, you arrive, you take it off properly, according to the protocol, you save it and that’s it. At home, it is preferable to use a mask so that you can circulate inside and when you are eating you lower the mask and do not speak, «he said in an interview with ATV.

The doctor argued that it was better «to assume that everyone is infected» so as not to neglect themselves and stop generating an infectious focus in families. Above all, because it is where the elderly and children are, who are the most likely to become seriously ill when infected.

“Part of the strategy is to assume that we have the disease. We must take extreme measures, we are not quarantining, fighting house to house, we are betting on this other strategy. It is not an exaggeration to wear a mask indoors, ”he added.

He also believed that the Government of President Martín Vizcarra should speed up the agreements with Russia as soon as possible to obtain the vaccine against the new coronavirus.

“Today, at the College, we have met with our vaccine committee. The range of the most optimistic is that in November it could be, and the most pessimistic believe that in the second half of 2021. In such a way, that is the range, it is quite extensive, but the important thing is that we go as a country landing, signing an alliance with a laboratory, with the WHO platform, but you need to have it now, «he said.

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