Katy Perry’s 4 Favorite Albums

The singer Katy Perry confesses her musical preferences compared to her colleagues in the artistic world, which is why she expressed a preference for the musical works done by Selena Gómez on her album ‘Rare’, also ‘Maniac’ by Helsey, ‘Chromatica’ by Lady Gaga and ‘Foklore’ by Taylor Swift, from this latest collection, the pop artist confesses that it was the success: My tears Ricochet, one of her favorite songs.

The American singer, Katy Perry is in the preparations for the launch of her next album SMILE, whose release date is scheduled for August 28. The pop artist confessed to the Los Angeles Times, feeling encouraged by the release of this new album, since compared to its predecessor WITNESS it did not manage to have the desired impact as in the previous hits (Teenage Dream and Prism).

Meanwhile, the singer Sia, who belongs to Katy Perry’s social circle, confessed to being surprised since she could notice that her friend was greatly influenced by the result of her previous work (on the WITNESS album), telling that the work who did not It was very well received by the fans, it affected his psychological well-being. «I feel lost» was one of the many complaints she received from the pop artist, since according to Sia, it hurt the singer’s ego.

In that sense, it is known that the launch of the new album by the North American artist has been affected by the delay in its publication, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in the United States. Faced with this situation, the pop artist said she no longer felt pressured to revive the adolescent ideals of her previous hit Daisies, the first SMILE single, which to date has already reached the 40th position on the Billaboard HOT 100 after its release. last May.