Victor Zamora was appointed as a consultant to the PCM

Despite the protests against him, the Government has decided to summon him as its new consultant advisor to fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

The former Minister of Health, Víctor Zamora, was appointed as a counselor in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to advise on the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. This greatly attracted the attention of the population due to the management that Zamora developed in the first months of the quarantine.

It was Zamora himself who asserted this information to a local media, and pointed out that his role involves coordinating with the regions and members of the civil and international community. «The president and the premier (Walter Martos) have asked me to continue supporting the fight against the epidemic. The work would be directly with the premier to strengthen relations with the regions, with other civil society actors and other international actors, because I have been an official of the World Health Organization», said the former head of the portfolio most affected by the pandemic.

It should be noted that the management of the current counselor, whom Pilar Mazzetti succeeded, was extremely controversial as it prioritizes the use of rapid tests to detect Covid-19, instead of molecular tests. It was precisely when the world rejected the effectiveness of rapid tests that the former head of the Minsa insisted on their purchase and use.

In addition, he was harshly criticized in the regions both in the north and in the East, places where doctors begged him for support amid protests and tears. It was to Zamora who was mentioned that the figures offered daily did not coincide with the figures from the Sinadef (Death Information System).

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