Protests in Madrid summon Coronavirus deniers

A new protest against the Coronavirus was held this afternoon in Madrid, at least 3,000 people were part of the massive demonstration that was called through social networks. Attendees did not respect social distancing, many fewer wore masks.

Shouting «Freedom, freedom» and «The pandemic is a farce», thousands of Madrilenians took to the streets of the city to demand the end of confinement, the demonstration was promoted by a yoga teacher, Fernando Vizcaíno, who assures that the Coronavirus is an invention of the ruling elites and the media.

The protesters concentrated in the Plaza de Colón, demanding that the rule that obliges Spanish people to wear masks be withdrawn, as well as other measures implemented by the Government to protect the country from possible outbreaks. Attendees also lashed out at the Spanish press, under chants like «Spanish press, manipulative.»

Vizcaíno would have summoned the crowd via YouTube, where he had a channel called “La Rebelión de la Granja”, closed a few days ago for violating the platform’s rules. According to the yoga teacher, COVID-19 would have been spread through flu vaccines, «People who have really died from this new symptomatology, the cytokine storm, the thrombi in the lungs, have done so at least. that have been injected with flu vaccines. It is more than proven. And those who have not died directly because of that, have died from being intubated and enlarging the symptoms caused by this toxin, this poison that they have introduced through the needles in the body of our elderly and surely some doctors» he said in one of his videos.

The controversial protest had the support of the singer Miguel Bosé, who announced his attendance, although local media have reported that he would not have appeared. The concentration would have had authorization from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., however, upon arrival at 8:00 p.m., the protesters remained in the place despite the police presence.

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