Controversial comments by Miguel Bosé about the Coronavirus and Bill Gates

Miguel Bosé expressed his opinion about the Coronavirus on his social networks, opening the controversy once again, last Sunday thousands of Spanish gathered in the Plaza Colón in Madrid to show themselves against the Government’s measures, they would seek to stop COVID -19 and avoid regrowth. Bosé was one of those who promoted the demonstration.

The singer published a controversial tweet on Sunday afternoon, in which he expressed “They want to kill us”, accompanied by the publication of a user who stated, “There has been a flu vaccine for more than 30 years. Here is the current balance”. The balance would be about a graph that would show, as the United States and European countries, with more deaths from Coronavirus, are also the places where there is a higher vaccination rate.


Bosé throughout the pandemic has been sharing several conspiracies about COVID-19 on his social networks, first, he was against the 5G network, then he spoke about a plan to control the population and recently he has been pointing towards vaccines.

On June 9, Miguel Bosé shared a thread on Twitter, in which he accused Bill Gates of having engineered the Coronavirus to control the population, he also assured that the pandemic would be «the great lie of the governments» and added «I only intend to report on the announced situation towards which, among other misdeeds, we are being led. I SAY NO TO THE VACCINE, NO TO 5G, NO TO THE SPAIN / BILL GATES ALLIANCE».

The singer’s thread shared on his Twitter account @Boseofficial, accuses billionaire Bill Gates of trying to control the population with vaccines that would be activated with the 5G network, this occurred after Pedro Sánchez, president of Spain, announced that the Government Spanish would give 50 million euros to the GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization), a company that Bosé called a «specialist in failed vaccines», according to the singer, this would belong to Bill Gates himself and would be banned in India and Kenya.

The singer of the 61-year-old singer has been criticized by the Spanish media because they lack veracity. GAVI is not owned by Gates, the medical research company is an alliance of WHO, Unicef, the World Bank, and the Bill & Melania Gates Foundation. On the other hand, the singer’s statements about the 5G network have not been proven, for that reason they are recognized as false, physicist Alberto Nareja, member of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency and Health, explained in an interview for the agency EFE, «The difference in size between a virus and the waves of 5G networks – which belong to the range of non-ionizing radiation and cannot destabilize an atom – makes it impossible for this type of network to interact with a virus such as SARS- CoV-2 «.

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