Lindt company causes «chocolate rain» in Switzerland

The citizens of the Swiss town of Olten, located between Zurich and Basel, were in for a big surprise last Friday when a chocolate shower covered the city with fine particles of cocoa powder, the incredible event happened because of a failure in machinery from the popular Lindt brand.

The phenomenon would have occurred due to faults in the ventilation of the Swiss company Lindt & Spruengli. On Tuesday, the renowned chocolate brand confirmed a minor problem in the refrigeration system, exactly in the area of ​​cocoa nibs – small pieces of cocoa, used as a base to produce chocolate – in one of its factories located in Olten.

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The Swiss company assured that the pieces of chocolate powder that fell in the city would be completely harmless to both the population and the environment. They also released the reasons why the chocolate covered part of the city, indicating that the strong winds last Friday in the area, would have caused the chocolate powder to come out through the ventilation ducts and spread in surrounding areas.

According to the British media outlet The Guardian, the owners of the Lindt & Spruengli company offered to pay to clean up those who were affected by the cocoa nibs, but so far no one has reported being harmed by the factory failures.

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