Brazil: supermarket hides the corpse of a worker with umbrellas so as not to close the store

A collaborator of the multinational chain Carrefour in Brazil, died of a heart attack while doing his work at the supermarket. The unfortunate event caused a commotion in social networks on Wednesday, after knowing the actions of the managers of the branch, who preferred to hide the body to keep the premises open.

Indignation grows in Brazil after photographs of how the Carrefour supermarket, located in the state of Recife, covered the body of the deceased with umbrellas and boxes with the intention of hiding it from customers, so as not to have to close the establishment.

The French chain has confirmed that its collaborator, a sales promoter, died instead after receiving medium assistance and first aid, and has also apologized for the mismanagement of the situation «Carrefour apologizes in relation to the inadequate way in which the sad and unexpected death of Mr. Moisés Santos, a victim of a heart attack, in the store in Recife (Pernambuco). The company made a mistake by not closing the store immediately after the fact, pending the funeral service. «

In the statement published through its social networks, Carrefour announced that it will change the protocols for atopic situations, «a change in the guidelines for employees for rare situations like this, including the obligation to close the store.»

The victim’s wife expressed her indignation in an interview for the local media G1 News «It outraged me. Human beings are worth nothing, people only care about money. I think it was a matter of respect (…) a horrible feeling. « Odevila Cavalcante also clarified that her husband’s name is Manoel Moisés Cavalcante, not Moises Santos as the Carrefour chain would have announced in its communications.

Through social networks, users made their anger felt towards the frivolous reaction of the supermarket chain, this led several to remember a previous event for which Carrefour would have made the news in 2018, a security man from the Sao Paulo headquarters beat a dog to death, leaving terrible images that were shared online.

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