Thomas nightclub: police would have closed the door causing the agglomeration

Could the tragedy that turned the world have been prevented? Video would deny the Interior Minister after it was discovered that the police could have closed the door.

Last Saturday, August 26, a tragedy mourned many Peruvian families. A disco with a dubious performance certificate held a party that was attended by a total of 120 people. 13 of the attendees died after an agglomeration at the only exit door of the premises located in the Los Olivos district.

A new video has drawn attention after the statements of the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Eduardo Montoya Pérez, of having been a police operation on the fringes of the law. The video denies what he mentioned about the door of the premises that would have been closed after the tumult.

In it you can see that a policeman guards the door of the premises that was already closed moments before the stampede of people. Later a group of women tries to leave the premises. In its attempt to order the crowd, the National Police of Peru gave up opening the door of the premises and a crowd gathered, causing the people on the stairs to be suffocated.

For their part, although 11 of the 13 deceased tested positive for COVID-19, their death was not due to the disease. However, for the Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti, the victims of the tragedy would be counted in the deaths from the new coronavirus although the real causes were attached to suffocation and hot flashes after being crushed by the crowd.

News of the recent tragedy is the subject of heated discussions on social media. Mixed opinions argue that the only culprits are the young assistants, while others point out that the only guilty parties are the police for not carrying out the operation properly.

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