1st October: Happy International Coffee Day!

Today we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the second most consumed beverage in the world: coffee. We love coffee, and we Peruvians are one of its main producers. The aroma and flavor of the coffee produced in Peru are so in demand that 95% of the production of our coffee is mainly directed to international markets.

Germany, the United States, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, China, and South Korea are some of the countries that were conquered by our flavor. Peru produces coffee of the Arabica variety, one of the best in the world. The most important crops come from our provinces: Huanuco, Junín, Cajamarca, San Martín, Cusco, Amazonas, Pasco, and Puno.

Every October 1st, International Coffee Day is celebrated around the world with the purpose of uniting in a single day all coffee producers from all countries and those who participate in its elaboration. The International Coffee Organization was the entity that established this date to honor all those who are in charge of coffee production, as well as lovers of the exquisite drink. Today approximately 3 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world, making it the second most consumed beverage after water.

To reach its origin, we must travel to Ethiopia, in the province of Kaffa, where the wild plant of coffee grows. The fruits of this plant are roasted and ground, and from them, the famous coffee beans are obtained.

Formerly, the Ethiopian Galla tribe mixed the fruit of the coffee tree with animal fat to obtain its energy properties. Later, the coffee would be introduced to Arabia, from where it began to be exported to different parts of the world.

Today can be a special day for coffee with friends. However, due to the COVID-19 health crisis, it’s preferable to stay at home.

Don’t let this stop you! Next, the team of The Black Heralds will share with you this delicious recipe for dalgona coffee so that you can prepare at home and you can share it with family or friends through a fun video call.

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