Swing case: Preliminary arrest ordered for Richard Swing, Mirian Morales and Karem Roca

This morning, the Third Office of the First Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Crimes of Corruption of Officials of Lima, led a mega-operation to preliminarily detain for 7 days ten investigated who would be involved in the case of the irregular hiring of musician Richard Cisneros in the Ministry of Culture.

Among the list of detainees, Mirian Morales, Karem Roca, and singer Richard Cisneros stand out, who were arrested early in the day and taken to the Lima Prefecture.

Source: Expreso

Among the list of characters with a preventive detention order are Patricia Dávila and Diana Tamashiro (former general secretaries); Lincoln Matos (General Director of the General Administration Office); Aura Quiñones Li and Liliana Chaname (former General Directors of Human Resources); Mauricio Salas (coordinator and programmer of the Gran Teatro Municipal), among whom are both the Government Palace and the Ministry of Culture.

Mirian Morales is intervened by the police forces. // Source: BDP


Richard Swing complying with controls before being transferred to the Prefecture. // Source: The Republic


Karem Roca is photographed after his arrest. // Source: Express

During the operation, a total of 10 anti-corruption prosecutors, 10 experts from the Public Ministry, and 60 police officers from the High Complexity Division (Diviac) participated, who were executing the measure at the homes of those investigated.

It should be noted that Mirian Morales and Óscar Vásquez are also being investigated for related crimes of obstruction of justice. In addition, Morales and Karem Roca have investigations for the crime of real concealment, adding that of generic falsehood for the latter.

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